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LIC Formation anglais

Trainer or Trainee?

Wouldn’t you just love to learn how things work, or how things are made, or even what they’re made of and why?

Then become an English teacher !!!

All you need to do is have some basic training in English grammar and syntax, have a nice “common or garden” accent, an excessive dose of humour, have nothing against foreigners, be patient, love contact with others and be curious. While you tell students how to make the difference between “I have been to” or “I have gone to”, “I visited” and “I have visited” , “staying at a place” and “going to a place”, the difference between “looking for” and “looking after”, they will be telling you how:

– A toilet roll is made (next time you use one, it’ll change your life)toilet-roll
– A perfume pump is assembled (next time you squirt, it’ll be a revelation)
– A car bumper is formed (next accident you’ll see behind the scenes)


Believe me, English teachers learn as much as they teach and usually enjoy it.

I know I do !!


Marie France, formatrice LIC Formation


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